Foxtel On Xbox 360 Goes Nationwide

Good news, rural gamers! Now you can get Foxtel through your Xbox 360 console no matter where you are in the country.

Foxtel on Xbox 360 had only been available to metropolitan customers previously, but now, thanks to Foxtel's acquisition of Austar the product is available nationwide.

The new development brings over 30 Foxtel channels to regional users also connected to the Xbox Live service. If you're a die-hard sports fan, it's worth noting that for an additional charge, you can sign up for Foxtel's eight additional Olympics channels.

The service is still unmetered for Telstra BigPond customers only.


    wait... so foxtel owns austar now...? Didn't they always?

      Oh no it was just like a deal before hand but now theyve bought em right outr, bout tiem too....

    No they recently bought out austar..

    "The service is still unmetered for Telstra BigPond customers only."

    And as such still sadly useless for everyone else.

      TPG I have a 500gb cap and it runs fast enough that I rarely have streaming issues.

    They have Foxtel on the 360? I didn't notice!

      If you live in a rural area, you probably have Telstra anyway. There are very few other options.

    So if I pay a yearly fee for Gold, I can then pay a yearly fee for Foxtel?

    What happens if my Gold expires before Foxtel does?

      It's a monthly subscription.

      You dont need gold for foxtel, If it's still the same from when it was first released, its 20 dollars for the basic package monthly, (maybe like 5-10 channels_ but not on a contract, you can quit and rejoin whenever you want.

        Actually you do need gold for foxtel. You can watch sky news for free and with silver though if you're boring!

          Really you can watch Sky news for free - why have I not known this?

    meh. They still don't have any decent channels available. All I want is Foxsports 3, but I don't want it for more than $30 a month.

    Until then, the pub down the road it is.

      This, this, and this. Once they have this I'd be happy to pay for it for 6 months of the year to watch NRL and cricket.

      I did find it useful that I had my free month trial while last year's Roland Garros was on, but that was pretty much all I used it for.

    I used it during the Rugby World Cup when they threw in the RWC channel for free, and it wasn't too bad. Although I wasn't buffering all the time like some people have reported, the "high" quality setting looked terrible. Cancelled it immediately after the tournament was finished though. If they didn't merge all the sports channels into one mongrel channel and/or the NRL channel showed things live as opposed to be on delay I probably would have kept it.

    I only watched this for NBA and decided their coverage sucked so much it wasn't worth it. There's a chance we're getting League Pass on 360 now, so I'll be happy with that.

    lol @ cable tv

    Wait does this cost extra, i mean if you already ahve foxtel/austar, shouldnt you be able to get it for free?

      Why would you want it in that case? The quality is not going to be close to a proper cable/sat connection.

    it was always available nationwide, all it took was a dummy address it worked fine

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