Freak Yourself Right The Hell Out With This Live-Action Slender Video

Go ahead, see how much of this you can take. What's the matter? The clip is only 2:09 long.

Yeah, there's a reason I'm posting this live-action of the Slender video game in broad freaking daylight. It's a favour to anyone who isn't familiar with the creepypasta, which I'm also not linking to as a courtesy.

I watched only to the first sighting and wimped out. This whole series makes me jump out of my skin.

Live Action Slender Game [Jurassic Junkie, YouTube]


    Owen Good this is shit

      if you're gonna make a live action video game recreation make it equally scary if not slightly more

    Hey you made a typo, you wrote 'freak yourself right the hell out' but you meant to type 'bore yourself to death'

    I was lucky enough to play the Slender game with no prior knowledge and it it is a great scary experience.

    Any video related to it (walkthroughts, trailers and especially this) is not scary at all.

    I'm sorry, what? I fell asleep.


    Hmmm, well I obviously don't get this Slender thing. Scary, more like sleepy.

    That could have been scary if it weren't for the fact that it felt more like a casual wander through the forest with a few furtive and shy glances at the slender man. Nothing in the actions of the person wandering around made it seem like they were in any danger or frightened.

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