Game Of Thrones On Commodore 64 Is So Crunchy It Makes My Teeth Hurt

It's the fake intro and menu system for a C64 adaptation of Game of Thrones that lures you into this clip, but once there, it's the music that really kicks your arse.

As any chiptune or C64 nut will tell you, the system was capable of some of the crunchiest effects the 1980s could muster, and they're in full force here as the show's theme song breaks down then wanders so far north of the Wall it's a wonder it ever found its way back again.

Also: bonus points for making Epyx the developers.


    Man, why don't they develop AAA games for the C64 anymore? It would be EPIC!

      Because all the little kiddies prefer ultra good graphics over a good game.

        Don't be that guy.

        Take off your nostalgia goggles and see that despite those games being brilliant when you consider the hardware limitations, if you were to present them to a new player who had already been exposed to modern games with modern mechanics, they'd point out quite rightfully that they simply do not compare on any level.

        Just celebrate the games for what they are, milestones in the perpetual progress of videogame development, and appreciate the games of today without your skewed comparisons to invariably, and justifiably inferior relics.

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