Gaming App Of The Day: Too Bad This Awesome Final Fantasy Is So Expensive

I want to tell you right now to go play Final Fantasy Tactics for iPhone and/or iPad. I really do. It's a sublime game with addictive battles and a story as bloody and intricate as any HBO show. And I love being able to play it anywhere, any time.

But thanks to Square Enix's ridiculous pricing, I have to add an asterisk to the recommendation. Final Fantasy Tactics has been out for almost a year on iPhone and it'll still cost you $16.99. The iPad version, which came out this past February, sells for $18.99.

This is obscene. Not only can you get roughly 18 awesome games on your iPhone for that price, you can buy Final Fantasy Tactics on your PlayStation 3, PSP or Vita for about $10. I've asked Square Enix about the discrepancy. Its answer: "We are unable to comment on our pricing models."

But if you do dish out the money, you probably won't regret it. It'll take you at least 50-60 hours to get through the main campaign of Final Fantasy Tactics, the bulk of which requires you to manoeuvre your armies around grid-based battlefields, fighting your way through random monsters and corrupt enemy nations. Guiding you from map to map is a twisty, heart-wrenching story that revolves around a boy named Ramza who is framed, betrayed and attacked like nobody deserves.

To battle, you can recruit and train an army of characters. Some of these characters are generic NPCs that you can assign Final Fantasy-branded classes like Dragoon and Ninja. Others are specialised, scripted allies with their own unique abilities (some of which are way too overpowered).

And the touch screen controls actually adapt well to Final Fantasy Tactics. Swiping through menus and maps feels natural, intuitive. This game, unlike many ports, is a great fit for iOS devices.

If you're into RPGs, strategy or cool stories, Final Fantasy Tactics is a must-play. Is it worth the ridiculous asking price? I'll leave that up to you.

Final Fantasy Tactics - iPhone ($16.99) [iTunes App Store] Final Fantasy Tactics - iPad ($18.99) [iTunes App Store]


    Really? 18 dollars for an "awesome game" is "ridiculous"? I'm glad SE is out there putting normal prices on games on the mobile platform, it helps other devs set their price to reasonable amounts and escape the "99c or its too expensive" syndrome.

      I prefer cheap games myself.

        Yeah but cheap/free games tend to also include either less content or in game items that must be bought with real cash.

          The cheap games also tend to be universal. This one you have to buy it twice.

      18$ is expensive for a game that has been republished 2-3 times (which i have 2 copies of it on two different consoles). But for people have never actually played it before, then the 18$ is actually quite a bargain even though its +15$ dearer than 95% of the market. iirc the iPad version doesnt have the multiplayer features and seem to be missing a couple of bits of content as well. And again - not yet 3D. So ill stick to the PSP version for now.

      It is too expensive SE is goddamn insane. They have $6-7 "Final Fantasy Calendar" apps on the store that are really just a collection of high-res JPGs. These guys are completely out-of-touch. If they lowered these games to $5, they'll almost certainly make more money because $5 is disposable coffee money and they'll easily have more than 3x as many buyers.

      While I do agree with you, I do feel $18 is too much. I did buy this on my PS1 and quite frankly I cant be arsed pulling it out to sit in front of the TV and play again. (which is why I did end up buying it for my iPad).

      Sadly SE's update schedule for the iOS games is also shocking. I bought FFT Crystal Defenders for the iPad 3 on launch which is broken, and still has the comment "Issues with new iPad, a patch is coming". Or also FFT which has the "new HD art coming for the characters!" and still MIA..

      Id gladly pay $10 for this game, possibly even $15 on the high end.. Just glad I got given some iTunes cards to purchase it with because $18 is just too much.

    I think $19 is a bit excessive, but somewhere around $10-15 is reasonable.

    Bulk sales vs few sales?
    99c vs $18.99

    I would gladly pay up to $10 for an iOS game (and have done for some apps).
    Why should consumers pay a premium to play on iOS?
    A uniform pricing structure would certainly mean more sales.

      It doesn't have to be 99c. As said above, around $5 I would bet money that this would jump straight to the top of the itunes sales charts.

    FFT (iOS): "50+ hours" + "$17" = 2.9 hours of gameplay per dollar ($1!) you put in.

    Avengers (film): "2.38 hours" + "$20" = 0.119 hours of film per dollar you put in.

    This is pretty amazing value, folks.

      Caveat: Preferential pricing on PSN is frustrating. Abstractly, both are good deals, but in the real world, it's a bit of a shame it costs more outside of PSN. Makes sense, though. Now, if Android were more expensive...

      ...also, I would buy this for $60 on Steam.

        Or wait til the summer sales and pay 1.99....

        Wait.... the summer sales haven't happened this year... *cries*

      I've never understood this comparison. Going to the cinemas is a completely different experience than playing a video game. People go to the movies as a social activity, they go with their nerd friends to see Avengers or take their gf there on a date. I'm not saying that one is better than the other, but the market has placed a value on these experiences. Cinemas don't charge me an extra $5 just because a movie goes for half an hour longer than some other movie. iOS market has placed around the $2 mark for your average game and less than $10 for a premium game.
      There is no good argument for paying more than double the standard premium for a game that has been released about 3 times already. SE are kidding themselves if they think this game will sell well and they would have sold more than double if they kept the price to less than $10.

    Shouldn't the problem be that the best game on iOS is one that came out on the PS1 15 years ago?

      its hard to justify creating deep expensive-to-create game experiences when people complain about the games costing more than a few dollars ;)

        Nobody created anything here, they ported it over.

    Damn - time to fire up the PSP again!

      No way man! I was excited for the PSP version but god was it terrible.. The loading times made the battles take 3x longer than they should have. I recommend the original PS1 version or the iPad version (which is the PSP version with zero loading times or issues).

    If this is a completely new and in-depth story than the origina FF:T on DS, then yes it is definitely worth that price. If this was available on Android, I'd snap it up.

      It is actually a different game.. The gameboy got FFTA and DS got FFTA2. FFT on the iPad is an enhanced version of the original game and is quite a masterpeice. The story is a bit more serious and in depth, and the combat is also slightly different (although all the elements are there).


    Yeah, Chaos Rings is the same. Love Squaenix, but I'll be fucked if I'm paying that much for it.

    I really wish I could convince myself to pay that much for this game.

    $18? Lunch basically anywhere in a major city costs that. It's cheap.

    Guys if you love FFT, do yourselves a favor and check the internet for FFT 1.3: A patch for the game that enhances the difficulty, gets rid of broken classes/abilities and makes the game in general much more of a challenge (Enemies level up with you to give an example. No more Roaming around Mandalia Plains for hours and then go kick Velius' ass.) It really revitalized my love for this gem of a game.

    They have licensing fee's to pay I guess.
    I think further research is required into exactly what goes into the pricing of these games before complaining about them.

    I'd pay anything (yes even $18) for this on android, the music, the rich, twisting story, the sublime gameplay... this is up there as one of my top 2 or 3 games of all time (especially the War of the Lions version) and instilled in me an love of all SRPGs

    ah VGBA- $3.99....

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