Give People Virtual Lego And They'll Build Mario And Zelda Forever

If you build it they will come. And they will build Mario. And Zelda. And Space Invaders. Less than a month ago Chrome launched its Build With Chrome Lego project, and now it's proud to show off what people have been building. A lot of it is based on video games.

Apparently there are 66,000 of these blocks, which is pretty incredible considering how slow the thing runs. I practically gave up after five seconds of trying to manoeuvre round this thing.

But anyway, just in case you fancy having a gander yourself — here's a Mario, here's a Zelda, and here's someone's attempt at Space Invaders (surrounded by other video game stuff).


    Kinda wish I had some lego now lol

      Download LEGO Digital Designer. Completely free virtual builder available from the LEGO website. Infinite bricks, infinite space.

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