Go On, Let Morrigan Drive You Batty

The hair. The tights. The wings — especially ones coming out of her noggin. Since debuting in 1994 Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors, Morrigan Aensland has become one of gaming's most iconic characters.

A fan service favourite, Morrigan continues to attract cosplayers, eager to put on succubus's revealing outfit. But who dons her duds best? Who pulls off the most impressive Morrigan? Let's find out.

Male cosplayers seem to be scared away from wearing Morrigan's threads, which isn't something that you see with, say, Chun-Li. (If you know of any good male Morrigan cosplayers, please pass them along!)















[pai's photoblog]

Morrigan voice actress Rie Tanaka










    In the immortal words of Max Bialystock: "Wow wowie wow wow wow wow ruff!"

    I like the photoshopped one with the dude on the chair.

      Same. It's either that one or the one at the very end. The rest, eh.

    My favorite part was when boobs.


    Really, that's all these articles seem to be.

    Definitely Lindze. MoonFoxUltima has a Charlize Theron look about her.

    The one with the "Who wore it best" question on the photo. She wore it best / has the best cleavage. That's what the question was asking, wasn't it?

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