Guild Wars 2's Asura Make The Nerdiest Yo Mama Jokes

It's been a while now since I got to try out Guild Wars 2. I didn't have the chance to meet the Asura, ArenaNet's answer to gnomes, during the most recent beta event.

But if you did, you might have run into these little guys. For a race of tinkering, researching geniuses, your mama's IQ must be a point of pride indeed.


    Well, I thought it was funny in a 'so bad it's good' sort of way.

    Heard this while playing the last Beta weekend. Just one of the many conversations going on. The jokes make more sense if you have played Guild Wars 2, and understand what the Asura are all about

    Yo mama is so fat when she steps on the scale it says "To be continued".

    What is this song at the end? It's incredible

    Your mother's breasts sag with such severity that the late great
    surrealist artist Salvador Dali mistook them for clocks.

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