Halo 4 Multiplayer Needs At Least 8GB Of Space

Halo 4 is going to be huge. I'm not talking about critical success or sales or anything like that. No, I'm talking about memory storage. In order to play the online multiplayer portion of Master Chief's next outing, players will have to free up at least 8GB of space.

There are whole games that don't require 8GB of space. The word comes from Microsoft itself on this tips page for the upcoming 343 Industries game:

At a minimum, you'll need at least an 8GB USB Flash Drive or an Xbox 360 Hard Drive to play Multiplayer mode in Halo 4. For an optimal experience playing with an Xbox 360 Hard Drive is highly recommended.

That means that people who purchased the lower-priced 4GB Xbox 360 will have to figure out some method for extra storage. Of course, Microsoft takes the opportunity to try and upsell folks to their overpriced Xbox branded USB sticks, but any ol' USB storage solution will work as long as it's been reformatted to work with the console.

I don't remember any of the Bungie-developed Halos mandating a certain amount of space to get multiplayer up and running. Maybe this requirement has something to do with caching data for all that episodic content that's been promised for Halo 4? Or this could be an opportunity for Microsoft to start building buzz for the inevitable Halo 4 game+console bundle that will probably launch later this year.


    I don't think that headline is quite accurate. They're suggesting you have "an Xbox 360 hard drive" for an "optimal experience". The "8gb" comes into it when they suggest an 8gb flash drive. They're not saying you need 8gb. And it is identified as a tip, not as a must have.

    Maybe it's to install a texture pack or something, or to install the game to minimise load times (Bungie strongly urged installation of Halo Reach too). Or, as the article suggests, it could be for the space needed for the downloadable content for extra maps and the episodic content.

    I just found the article title a little misleading. It read like 4gb console owners couldn't play the game. I think they can. Although in my experience a large hard drive is a must for optimal use anyway.

      Unless the title has been changed, I think it actually sounds pretty accurate, they should have published the next line also.

      "For Xbox 360 4GB, Arcade and Core consoles, the Xbox 360 Hard Drive is sold separately."

      Now, the article is talking specifically about MP here, so I would agree that anyone will have no issues playing the SP Campaign with any 360.

      For MP though, as it's states, you need a "minimum" of 8GB to play MP, in whatever storage solution you have, I think the system is just reserving space for any future DLC.

        I just read the linked article. It says you need a HDD to play. Doesn't say how much space you need. The only time they say "8gb" is when they say you need a HDD or an 8gb flash drive.

          Which is interesting considering Microsoft do not allow mandatory hard drive installs (It's part of their technical requirements). The game must be 100% playable off the disc.

          If they bend the rules now for Halo 4, they're going to piss off a lot of developers (including myself) who have been restricted by the no hard drive thing in the past and have needed to think up stupid workarounds for it.

            They may have been able to pass this through simply because the SP will work fine without any form of storage. So theoretically the game will work fine minus the multiplayer. I'd assume the vast majority of consumers interested in MP would have storage of some sort. If it makes the game run/look/play better than so be it. Still a bit upset about it not being produced by Bungie though. I always had macs when I was younger so Bungie holds a bit of special place in my heart.

            Which in my opinion has been the bane of this console gen. And exactly
            Why I hope the rule fucks off for the next gen especially since the only reason it exists is so MS could sell the cheap no HDD arcade 360

      I agree, it sounds more like a recommendation than a requirement, though the headline would seem to suggest the opposite.

        It is a requirement for MP but not SP. It's not just Kotaku stating this either so I'd take it as fact.

          It's the "8gb required" part that I'm taking issue with. Microsoft haven't mentioned how much space you need.

    halo is not as good as every one says

    I agree it's probably for a texture pack or a warning to make sure you have enough memory for Spartan Ops. Even though i have a slim 360 now i still install all my games after my old fat 360 decided to eat a game.

    Sounds like I'll need a new hard-drive. I've only got about 4gb left on my current one.

    Have to wonder if there's much point to a Halo 4 + console bundle. Is there anybody left out there that likes Halo but doesn't already have a 360?

    the 8GB is for spartan Ops as its being given to us over Xbox Live

    at least its worded better here than on IGN... those idiots called it 8gb of memory... MEMORY IS NOT STORAGE... raaaaaaagggeeeeeee.... lol

      Hmmm... Aren't USB drives and SSDs classified as memory? I always thought they were. Forgive me if I'm wrong.

        No your not wrong, and hard drive storage has been called memory for a long time, but less so recently.
        kRiS is probly a kid and thinks he knows everything

    The 8gb minimum is strictly due to the fact that there will be over 12 hours of Spartan Op's distributed for Free via Xbox Live download.

    The storage requirement is probably for modes like Spartan Ops. You have to download episodic content, including pre-rendered movies, and maps. That could really add up.

    My PC has a 2 TB HDD.

      You Sir, are my hero. Bet it has a screen and everything

    hi there soo what my macbook air has a 256 gb ssd flash drive

    hi there why not use 2 1 terabyte 10,000 rpm veloci-raptor hard drivs thats 20,000 rpms at 800 mb/s read write speeds

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