Halo 4 Release Date Is Easier To Remember In Japanese

Ha, this is pretty funny — even if you do not understand Japanese. Released earlier this year, this is the Japanese language version of the "Red vs Blue: Remember to Not Forget" clip that was supposed help you to remember to... not forget Halo 4's release date.

Rooster Teeth started its popular Halo-based machinima comedy series Red vs Blue all the way back in 2003. Elijah Wood stars in the next season.

So sing it! Halo 4 is November — er, じゅ〜う いちがつ〜 よ〜ぅか〜 へ〜いろ〜 ふぉ〜

「Red vs. Blue — Remember To Not Forget」 日本語吹き替え版公開 [YouTube — Thanks KingofAwesometonia!]


    Elijah Wood stars in its current season. They're up to Episode 6 already. It's some good stuff!

      Episode 6 is also the first episode to feature Elijah Wood as the character/AI, Sigma :)

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