Here Are The Publishers Going To The EB Expo

Thinking about going to the EB Expo this year? You might want to get a rough idea of what publishers will be attending. MCV Pacific has a list of who's going, and the answer is "pretty much every publisher in the known universe". Looks like this will be a great event.

2K Games Activision Bluemouth Interactive Capcom EA Games Konami Logitech Mindscape Namco Bandai Partners Nintendo Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Plantronics Playstation QV Software Razer Sega Turtle Beach THQ Ubisoft Warner Xbox 360

Anyone planning on attending?

EB reveals full list of EXPO publishers [MCV Pacific]


    Aw, no Tru Blu? :P

    Don't think I'll be attending. I went to the GC one last year, and am glad that I got in on a press pass. Totally wouldn't have been worth the cost of entry, the only reason the trip up there was worth it at all was because of the great time I had with my friends while we were up there.

    I paid the HUGELY expensive (sarcasm) price of $30, and had an amazing time. There is nothing else in Australia that even comes close to what the Expo pulled off, and given that it was the first of its kind I can't wait to see what they do with future ones.

    I'll be down there on the sunday! \o/
    Mark, you better be there that day this time, I don't want to miss meeting you again :P

    Xbox 360 and Playstation are publishers now?

      yes! so are Logitech, Plantronics, Razer, Turtle Beach and Parrot

      the video says publishers and exhibitors :P

    But it's just E3 stuff again, but no Wii U or anything new. I went to the Gold Coast one and I'd already seen everything months ago. Gonna give this year a pass.

    And OMG, they advertised Starcraft 2 finals on the saturday night in the arena, but all they showed was FIFA and we waited for an hour watching a boring sports game for them to tell us that the finals wouldn't be in the arena, we'd have to crowd around the booth on the following day. Pissed me off.

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