Here, Two Trailers For The New Superman Movie

Here, Two Trailers For The New Superman Movie

These are, I promise you, teaser trailers for the new Superman movie, Man of Steel. One narrated by Kevin Costner, the other by Russell Crowe. They get to the Superman part eventually.

There’s no speeding trains or bullets, but then, by all accounts this is supposed to be a much more serious Superman movie than those we’re used to. Hence the lack of speeding trains, bullets, and the strange presence of “that sad music from Lord of the Rings”.


  • I think this is very clever.They’ve used his 2 fathers (biological and adoptive) to play out the two sides of his internal conflict. It gives me hope that this film will portray superman as something other than world champion at punchface

  • I actually think they’re pretty effective trailers. They both address the mythic qualities of Superman and build up nicely to the reveal.

  • My reaction when I first saw the trailer when I saw the dark knight rises: “wait! Is that lord of the rings music? I think it is. Holy Crap it is! But why is it there!? What even is this movie? OH MY GOD, NOLAN!! AAAH SUPERMAN!!!”

  • It doesn’t really feel like a Zack Snyder trailer, does it? Everything’s very rough and lived-in, instead of his usual sleekness. I like it – I’m hoping Nolan’s reigned him in a bit; if the entire movie feels like this trailer I think it’s going to be spectacular.

  • Looks pretty cool, from just those almost stock shots, really excited to see another great superman film, haven’t seen on since……Christopher Reeves

  • Will be interesting to see how they portray Superman.
    Dark and moody like modern times seem to prefer. Or Heroic and patriotic like the previous Superman movies.

    • They make take cues from the modern comics, where he’s a heroic guy who’s frustrated at how unnecessarily difficult the world makes it to do the right thing.

  • I felt the teaser is great. having the two of them was a great duality. The movie reportedly has moments of Superman doing absolutely super things, i.e. using a wall of a building as a weapon (?!?!) and throwing girders at Zod like they were ninja stars (!?!?!?!?!?) according to one website that saw some test footage. To me that sounds like Snyder, which is good. The man can do action. Apparently there’s speed ramping, which will work for Superman himself given his speed etc, but Jonathan Nolan has had a heavy hand with the script and Chris Nolan has been very hands on with producing as well. Warner Brothers has been wanting to launch Superman as their new ‘go to’ franchise as Batman is now ‘over’. Batman is being rebooted to fit into the Superman universe (don’t object, comics are rebooted *all* the time, we have Nolans great trilogy, lets have a potentially great comic based trilogy now with superheroes!) and allegedly this is the first in DC’s lead up to their JLA movie.

  • I think the obscure sequences of Kal-el on the fishing trawler are a waste of time. They tell nothing, to someone who knew nothing of the film the images are just time fillers for the flying sequence. The shot of him hitch hiking has merit but I think the boat was a bad choice. The flying looks AWESOME

    • The flying reminds me of dragon ball z the way the air forms around his legs
      Superman is my all time favourite I hope they don’t stuff this up. From what I understand this is the “new 52” superman which is promising

  • Smells like an Origins/First Adventure/Coming of Age story to me so far…. Prove me wrong movie makers and I’ll buy a ticket to see your movie.

  • As a hero, I find superman to be entirely uninteresting. His unlimited power makes him boring. I would like to see a movie about a man grappling with God like power and the dilemma of controlling it and deciding how to use it.

    • This same tired argument comes again and again as if every superhero, in every ongoing comic isn’t going to always win in the end. They are ALL invincible, unlimited power “gods” whose abilities fluctuate wildly dependent on what the story requires. That’s how comics work, embrace it.

      As for Superman, maybe you should actually read the books instead of parroting popular opinion. I stopped reading when the lame popped collar nu-52 universe started, but writers have constantly addressed your specific topics. The Justice League cartoon addressed it, the Chris Reeve movies addressed it, Smallville was all about deciding what to do with his powers (and sucking out loud…), the comics are always addressing it. With the exception of rare instances like the amazing ‘world of carboard’ bit in the JLU cartoon, they almost always result in the crappiest Superman stories – Superman IV, JMS’s craptacular ‘Walk across america’ storyline, the emo agonizing over whether he had the right to kill the parallel universe Zod back in the Byrne era, Smallville in general, etc.

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