Here’s How Halo Will Look In Crysis 2. Wait, What?

You might not be sitting around thinking that Crysis 2 needs more Master Chief. Fair enough. But some intrepid modders are using the PC release of Crytek's alien invasion war game to stage their own version of Spartan-vs-Covenant action. They're calling it Venerance.

Tributary Creations is a loose confederation of developers who are using the CryEngine 3 SDK to make a playable mod based off of four-chapter segment from the Halo: Fall of Reach novel. They don't appear to be showing anything other concept art right now, but the idea of controlling the Halo franchise's characters inside another series' toolset is intriguing. You can monitor the mod team's website for more details.

Venerance Mod Brings Halo to CryEngine 3 [Only Single Player, via Reddit]


    MS lawyers inbound to shut down the project

      I highly dought....

    In 5... 4... 3...

    in b4 C&D

      I'm hoping that in this day and age, more game-savvy PR/dev types
      are able to grab hold of the reins of their lizard-brain
      boss-monsters to guide them toward gentle pools of understanding
      and tolerance, instead of the dark cave they usually launch
      themselves into for comfort in the presence of a threat to their
      IP. Calmingly, soothing they will croon, "It's rejuvenating
      interest in a bottomed-out brand... Look at what DayZ did for Arma2
      sales, and who the fuck ever heard of Arma2? And best yet, everyone
      will be doing our advertising for us - it's all free!" With any
      luck, these brave boss-whisperers can avoid the mutual
      unpleasantness of their foul overlords once-again stampeding into
      the dark roost of the lawyer-bats, alerting - and unleashing - a
      cacophony of vile, gleeful shrieks. "Cease & Desist! Sue!
      Billable hourrrrssssss!"

    *cough* Microsoft supported Mechwarrior: Living Legends *cough*

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