Here's That Dark, Gritty Power Rangers Trailer You've Always Wanted

Would you watch this movie? I would watch this movie.


    What constitutes dark and gritty? Colours, light and a distinct lack of adult themes and small, grainy particles? Also, worst archer ever.


      yes the archer is pathethic

    Would watch it if it were gritty. Not really any thin g in this trailer that portrays a gritty movie.

    Meh, give me Amy Jo Johnson as the Pink power ranger any day (she starred in the 1st season and second ithink of the American versions)

      Not to mention a good amount of Season 3.

    dat font lol

    The claim that this was dark and gritty combined with the thumbnail made me think that there was a crazy supervillain and a headless green ranger running around...needless to say I was disappoint.

    I thought we already had a gritty, dark Power Rangers movie - it was called Spider-Man

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