Here's What Game Of Thrones Would Look Like As A Mario Game

The Internet is a wonderful tool for finding the answers to important questions. Sometimes they're questions you desperately need to answer, like "What's the capital of Cuba?" or "Why did I wake up on the floor this morning?"

And sometimes they're questions you didn't even know you had, like "What would Game of Thrones look like in the universe of Super Mario World?"

Well here's your answer, courtesy Redditor titan413. You're welcome. (Click the image to see the whole map in its wonderful 16-bit glory.)

Game of Mushroom Kingdoms [Reddit]


    Cute, but why does Casterly Rock look like a Dragon?

      Some maps show it as a lionshead, perhaps he thought it was a mountain that looked that way? In reality I'm pretty sure lannisport is a port city with a large mountain or cliff on the side with a castle built into it that is casterly rock.

        I'm also fairly sure most of these maps show Lannisport and Casterly Rock as two separate points. At first I did a double take, as surely a bowser head = Targaryen thing. I think they just ran out of sprites.

          should have made dragonstone the dragon head instead of yoshis, though still nice and technically not wrong

    I haven't watched the show, but what the hell is analogous to the ! block buttons?

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