Hey Look, It's Another Cool RPG We Might Not See Outside Of Japan

Here's a new trailer for Sol Trigger an upcoming RPG that will be out in Japan this October. It's made by a bunch of big-name JRPG developers, and we'll probably never see it. Why? Because it's coming out for PSP, a system that is basically dead outside of Japan.

Short of some gambling by a publisher like Atlus or Aksys (both of whom have worked with developer Image Epoch before), we may never get our English-speaking paws on Sol Trigger. This trend of Japan hording sweet-looking RPGs to themselves has got to stop.

SOLTRIGGER(ソールトリガー)|Story [YouTube via Siliconera]


    I wish for a magical translation fairy

      Granted: You get a new show about a magical translation fairy called "Mahou Shoujo Translation Fairy".

      It never gets translated.

      Wouldn't be a first for some enterprising hackers to make a translation patch (it's happened for some PS1 games).

    To be honest I don't understand why they keep complaining about losing cost on PSP games. They could just have a small team translate it and put it on PSN instead of having major fucking advertising + Massive amount of UMD which no one gives a fuck anymore =/

    We would all buy from the PSN just to play the game.

      Agreed, game companies always go on about the cost of distribution as being a big factor on prices, so... just cut the distribution out of it?! And send out free preview copies to x number of gaming sites/magazines/fan sites, bam, there's your advertising covered...

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