Hey, The God Of War Movie Might Actually Get Made

Kotaku covered the announcement of a God of War movie. We covered it in 2005. Seven years later and there's still no God of War movie.

Today, though, progress! Having languished in development hell for years, Universal Studios today revealed that Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan (Del Toro's Pacific Rim) will be rewriting the movie's script, which had originally been penned by executive producer David Self.

It's still along way from announcing a cast or the beginning of more serious pre-production, but for God of War fans, it's something.

'Pacific Rim' Writers Tapped for 'God of War' Adaptation (Exclusive) [THR]


    Dear god please don't cast Kristen Stewart... not even as a whore.

      Kristen Stewart as Kratos, a sassy New York single mother of two who has to deal with her boss Zeus's sexual advances and her deadbeat brother Ares until one day, love walks into her life.

        HAHAHA! Slayed me :P

      They can cast her as Aphrodite as long as they keep her as scantily clad as in the games.

    Please, no 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin!

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