Hipster Chell Was Inside Aperture Before You Even Knew About Aperture

When Megan was short on time for her costume for Otakon 2012, this is what she came up with. Hipster Chell. So good. The glasses and beanie may be what first draw the eye, but the kicker is the can of PBR that's powering the portal gun.

Hipster Chell Cosplay- 01 [DeviantArt, via Super Punch]


    Can we just line up all the hipsters and break their fingers?

      Oh no, people who dress how they want and have hobbies that they
      like! Waaaah

        Haha +1 Insecurity much

        Incorrect. More like people who dress how other people dress and
        have hobbies that other people like.

          ...according to judgmental observers who are ignorant to said
          person's tastes and hobbies. It's amazing how "Hipster" kinda
          doesn't mean anything anymore. I mean the word is so overused it's
          ridiculous... http://thepunchlineismachismo.com/archives/540

            If hipster doesn't mean anything anymore how can I be wrong?

          Yeah, but they liked those hobbies before those other people liked

            by definition its hipster not to be a hipster. =0 hipception!

            by definition its hipster not to be a hipster. =0 hipception!

    Hipster or not, she had me at glasses and ponytail. Massive cosplay

    her hair is really shiny, I'm jealous! Unless it's a wig... nope
    still jealous.

    insufficient breast size

      Hey, I'm not complaining.


    All the kids these days wanna look like bloody Brad Pitt!

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