Hoard Your ISK And Dock Your Ships. EvE Players Are Going To War Like Never Before

First off you should know that everything you see in an EvE gameplay video looks roughly 9000x cooler than it does in real life.

The video you've just seen above is in regard to a war that's a-brewin between some 50,000 players in the EvE universe in the star system of Delve. I'm not going to go into details but just know that if you're an EvE pilot you should stay the fuck away from Delve or any surrounding systems unless you want to spend the rest of your days in a pod.

Don't believe me? EvE is serious business, some guy even wrote a song about it.

Want even more proof of the seriousity? PC Gamer will be reporting live from the battlefields of Delve — as if it were a real place!

As a casual EvE player (yes, we exist) I must say I'm always fascinated by events like #BurnJita and #Delve2012 but it is something I will likely never experience firsthand - for I much prefer the great outdoors to the horrors of deep space... being simulated on a PC monitor.

To the victor go the spoils and to the spoils go Victor. He's the CEO of Wargaming and he'll probably buy up CCP at some point. The crazy bastard has more money than Bill Gates.


    Here's a video!
    Im not going to talk about it because I don't like games all that much.
    Here a few links!
    I'm not going to expand in them.

    What? Even I have to question this one.

    What an utterly uninformative article.

      Now I know this event is happening, but I don't know anything about it. Cool.

    Cannot. Fucking. Wait. This is going to be the most insane fight in EVE ever, and one of the biggest clusterfucks.

    I don't play games at all, I spend time outside. Please pat me on the back and tell me how good I am.

      me too man i probably have bumped into you while out hunting

    i really want to play eVe now, even if it's only so I have a legitimate reason to scream "Fire the ion cannons!"

    What are they fighting about? Can't they all just get along?!

    As someone who knows nothing about what's going on in EvE, this was a cool article with a cool video, and i learnt a little bit about what's happening in a game that fascinates me, but that I would never have to time to invest in. So to those people who were slamming the article, why don't you think about the world outside your own personal experience for once and just leave it be?

      +1... This whole EvE phenomenon fascinates me too, though I doubt I'd ever get involved enough to play, so it's nice to see updates on Kotaku.

      +0.5 I'm with you, but it would have been nice for the author to give us a bit more of an idea about the nature of this war in Delve.
      I know I could go look for more info elsewhere, but my curiosity ends at Kotaku updates.

    been playing eve for years no hand holding here hahahaha

    I LOVE EvE stories, but I don't think I would have the time or patience to play it myself.

    There's also that annual pirating thing they do... very interesting but means a lot of players don't play the game for days and sometimes weeks at a time..

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