How A Board Game Goes From Simple Idea To Tearing Your Family Apart

Board games aren't video games, but they are games — and everyone here likes board games, right? I like them when I win. When I lose I like them scattered all over the floor post-table flip, or burning gloriously in a coal fire. But that's just me. But this awesome documentary shows all the steps a board game goes through — from clever idea, to the store, to your home — to having petrol poured over it and burning while your family stab each other to death with Monopoly hotels. Very interesting stuff.

If you have any interest in board games, this is an absolute must watch. Despite having one of the worst voice overs I've ever heard. Yes, yes, yes — I know it's not technically video games, but there is a massive cross over between the two industries, and I found this quite interesting.


    Such an awesome vid! Best factory walkthrough since the days of watching those little short factory processes on sesame st! lol

      Remember how they make crayons? Awww yeeahhhh

        Who knew saxophones could sound like a nightmare? -

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