How Washington Learned To Love Games

How Washington Learned To Love Games

This short video documentary starts out discussing a video games exhibit at The Smithsonian, but takes a very sharp turn and focuses its attention on the Moral Panic surrounding gaming, and how it has slowly overcome opposition in government — it’s actually quite fascinating.

It seems like I’ve been a little slow on picking up this one up, so if you’ve seen it already, I apologise, but it’s really interesting and well put together.

Obviously we’ve had our own issues with video games, and getting game related legislation through government, but we’re really started to witness a sea change in attitudes towards gaming from decision makers. I see a lot of parallels in this video, and I enjoyed it.

Thanks Naked Snake


  • This was very helpful for me as im doing my major work in society and culture for my hsc on video game stereotypes and its place in society over time etc etc

  • Excellent video. I wonder if the US Government has ever acknowledged that there’s a correlation between gaming and decreased crime. It would certainly debunk their hysterical claims made in the 90s.

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