I Can't Believe This Minecraft Axe Is In The Real World

Seriously. Everytime I look at it, I blink. It doesn't make sense! LevelUpStudios specialises in geeky, clothes, toys, and Deal With It sunglasses, but I really think they've outdone themselves here!

It's a bit like that 8-bit tie everyone has, in that it does such a good job of replicating the pixelated style of 8-bit games. I don't even really play Minecraft properly, and I want one of these things.

Also — this sword. I want both!

Head to LevelUpStudios for more of this kind of stuff.


    There's a little place in Melbourne that sells them, I've got their card at home.

      Critical Hit on Little Collins between Elizabeth and Queen (shop-sharing with Of Science and Swords) has had them in. Picked up a Dr Who Adipose stress toy from them too... :-)

    I ordered one of these way back, it's really cool and REALLY lightweight. I was expecting either a heavier or softer object, but was pleasantly surprised

    OzGameShop have had them listed for a while with some other Minecraft 8-bit goodness that might blow your socks off. Showing up at the office in a Minecraft Steve head with a Minecraft sword and 8-bit tie anyone?


    I got my son the pickaxe for his ninth birthday cause he likes minecraft.

    For a last minute novelty gift I think it may be his favorite. He wears a cardboard box on his head and runs around the backyard mining and crafting. Looks kind of fun.

    had one on my wall for a year now.


      Haha me too! I got mine from a friend as a birthday gift. It is hanging on the wall right next to me.

    Ummm... isn't that a 'pick'?

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