I Never Thought The Walking Dead Could Look So Delicious

When I play Telltale's excellent The Walking Dead game, I rarely get hungry. There just aren't that many appetizing things in the game, particularly in the ghastly second episode, "Starved for Help".

And yet, when the folks at Gourmet Gaming get their hands on the game, my stomach starts growling. These biscuits from episode 2 or these amazing-looking energy bars from episode 1 both make me want to reach into my screen and eat the food, all of the food.

I have a feeling that neither of the pieces of food in the game tasted as good as these ones will, but I guess there's only one way to find out. Better get cookin'.

Walking Dead Energy Bar and Biscuits [Gourmet Gaming]


    It's a scone you heathens.

      its not a scone, Americans have scones as well and at first glance, the title makes it appear you want to eat dead bodies.

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