I Would Kill For This Limbo Meets Calvin And Hobbes T-Shirt

I liked Limbo a lot, and I love Bill Watteron's timeless comic strip Calvin and Hobbes. So I would do things, ungodly things, for this T-shirt from Nowhere Bad, which combines the two things in a manner so fantastic that I can't believe no one's done it before.

Fortunately, I don't have to do ungodly things — I just have to part with $US12. Sold.

Limbo/Calvin and Hobbes T-Shirt [Nowhere Bad — thanks Tim!]


    Talk about impulse buy, I got one too! $9.00 US shipping to Australia for those who want to know.

      exactally....I just stoped I realised "crap...I just bought somthing...just like that"

      and shippings actually pretty reasonable

    Stories like this are why its worth reading kotaku. Instant sale

    Totally bought on the spot...awesome

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