I'd Freak Out If You Kept Getting Up After A Hundred Shots To The Chest, Too

So in a game like, say, Uncharted, we've all lamented those nameless henchmen or mini-bosses that seem to take a ridiculous number of shots to kill. "I shot you", we'll yell. "I shot you like twelve times! In the head! Why won't you die?!"

But imagine how much worse it is on their side! They don't usually get up and respawn, unscathed and uninjured. They may come after you, wave on wave of enemies, but usually when you shoot them they stay dead. You, however, don't.

It's hard, being a henchman.


    "I shout you", no wonder they won't die, try shooting!!

      If you shout them a round of beers maybe you can all become friends. Then you wouldn't need to shoot them.

    anyone who plays Uncharted as badly as that deserves to die

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