If This Man Can Play Skyrim On His PS Vita, Why Can't I?

Everyone, I am mad. So mad. The fellow in the video above has figured out a way to play Skyrim remotely on his PS Vita — if this can be done, why isn't Sony letting me do this with PlayStation 3 games! This is like a dream come true... that isn't actually true!

Apparently Sony has actually put together demos of remote play between the PS3 and PS Vita — so why isn't this something I can do yet! Come on Sony, I need this in my life!

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    Perhaps a VPN with his desktop?

      Yeah, I'm going to guess that this is like the guy (maybe the same guy) playing Left 4 Dead on his Vita.
      Which used some kind of VPN tunnelling voodoo I can't remember what. It actually sounded fairly straight forward, just a little time consuming to set up.

      i dont know but it might be because he a has a ps vita that not the slim one?

    This is the sort of thing that really pisses me off, Sony demo's remote play between PS3 and PS Vita where the Vita can play PS3 games, but Sony doesnt implement it.

    Why show it off if you're not going to implement it, i think that this could be a huge draw card for potential Vita buyers.

      To be launched the day before Wii U ;)

      Thats Sony for you. "Here, Look at what you could have with our new product, it's not actually going to be available, it's just to show how awesome it could be! Oh and if you do get it, we might take it away again at some stage".

        Stop being butthurt, you didn't even use OtherOS(no one freaking used it except research centers, and Sony released a cheaper alternative option specifically for them) and PS2 backwards compatibility raised the cost of the PS3 by quite a bit. You clearly lack understanding of the scenario, and if you do understand it and you still feel that way you're just an entitled twat who merely wants to whine on a public forum about something that doesn't harm you in any way.

          that's what forums are for, dude. Chill out braaa

      i tested the remote play app between my ps3 and vita last night, had a quick play of one of the pixel junk games. there was even an option to wake my ps3 from the vita so i could do this remotely.

    Can people really be this dumb it's the same PC remote feature, not PS3 Remote play stop hating on Sony

    it's so frustrating seeing teases like this.

    i agree one hundred percent. people had BF3 running back in february. its bull how much they lied about what remote play would do....

    Hasn't there been ps3 remote play with the original psp since the ps3 was released? [I thought it was disabled on some games but otherwise has always been present].
    Or was it only for movies?

    So it's not just a video he loaded on his PS Vita and then rehearsed "playing it"?

    Reading the Youtube comments:
    "This one is on the PC using the VitaRemoteClient app"
    And you can see him fiddling the mouse controller to look straight after hacking at the air.
    Close to usable though.

    I thought that the Vita could do this. I used the Remote Play setting and brought up the XMB on the Vita, didn't try playing any games though. So what can you actually play, just PSN titles?


    You can remote play games from your PS3 to your Vita. You can even play a fair few unsupported ones via remote play if you have CFW on your PS3.
    But even without, you can still play remote play compatible games on your Vita.
    Fairly good break down here, http://www.ps3trophies.org/forum/general-vita-discussion/146032-playstation-vita-remote-play-compatibility-list.html or via Google.

    Also, the source for a remote PC application using the PSS SDK was released a few days ago (the guy most of us saw playing Left 4 Dead a few weeks ago). There are limitations of compatibility - but you could give it a crack.




    I can't really see the video too great but is it possible that he just recorded footage and is playing the video back on the vita while pretending to play?

    this feature (well... playing ps3 games on vita) is possible as mentioned above via CFW... its just locked by sony for now... i'm hoping they unlock it to compete with the wii u

    Its a bloody glitch. When the PS Vita first came out there was a glitch where you could get PS3 games onto the Vita.

    This is not Sony's doing, just a random guy who figured it out. And ive been hearing all over the place that Sony are planning to use the PS Vita to remote play PS3 games At some point at the end of year or start of next year.

    Not to mention Sonys plan on using the PS Vita for the PS4 games in the same or similar way to the way the Wii U will.

    Funny how Sony were Allready planning this long before the Wii U was even announced. Now people will say they are copying Nintendo when the fact is Sony were testing the Technology back in 2001.

    That means I can say Nintendo are copying Sonys ideas and getting them out before Sony can so Sony can be accused of copying others.

    Like the Kinect, Sony had allready invented that tech back in the PS2 days with the Eyetoy, but again, people are saying Sony are copying Microsoft but its actually the other way around.

    And Sony had allready been playing around with Morion Controllers in the 90's long long before Nintendo bought out the Wii.

    Alot of you will be sooo surprised to know how much other companys copy sonys ideas.

    And the reasonSony hasnt released Remote Play for the Vita yet is cause they dont release there products or ideas untill they are ready, unlike Microsoft and Nintendo who just wanns push out consoles before they are ready, and then blame the consumer when there Console has a fault.

    Atleast Sony are better then that.



        It's Chris Crocker!
        Leave Sony alone!!!! LEAVEITALONE!!

      Actually Sony has made bad products but most people don't hear about, then again everyone probably heard about the ps2 without the fan overheating on them, especially for hardcore gamers.

    It's obviously not 100% the guy keeps hitting things to interact on him PC/PS3. just wait people. Tech doesn't just happen, people must work at it.

    Sony really needs to open things up and double down on PS Vita and do it fast! This toy won't survive if they don't..

    Mark, when you bag out the Wii U I'm bringing this up.

    Also, I'm not a fan of the Wii U, the simple fact of that matter is that it will be released against competition from smart phones. As in the smart phones will be as powerful as it when it comes out. Which would be awesome if Nintendo capitalised on that and got massive numbers of smart phone games put on their console. Except that won't happen; Nintendo wont allow smart phone games on their console because of their ... how do I describe how Nintendo feels about third parties and third party games? You get the jist. And I also don't think many smart phone developers are going to want to bother with porting their game to Nintendo's system going by how easy to use Nintendo dev systems are, also by how fucking expensive those things are, and you can only get them as a trusted developer. Etc, etc. Basically Nintendo is releasing a console to compete with people hooking their smart phones up to their TV's, and that could work in Nintendo's favor, if they were anybody else but Nintendo.

    It's just a self made app running on the Playstation Suite SDK kit which almost everyone can theoretically get their hands on.

    So if you WANT THIS BADLY, go get the kit and beg people to release their app.

    We know it's possible but the question is why haven't we got it yet?

    This shows what we can expect from Gaikai, however there are still questions like if we will be able to play our pc games we own, or if there will be another closed service such as origin as well as will we be able to stream directly from our pc or through one of their servers?

    As for the ability to play PS3 games i'm stumped on why they are still holding back.

    Hopefully we'll see a more vita centered presentation at Gamescom this year

    Yep, take the majesty of Skyrim, rip it from my 55inch TV and squash it down to a screen not much bigger than a business card ... sounds awesome.

    I don't mean to get too far off topic, but since we're somewhat on the topic of emulation. Does anyone here think the Wii U might have a feature where it emulated Wii games at a higher resolution? We've all seen what the Dolphin Wii/Gamecube emulator can do (if you haven't I recommend you check it out), I just wonder if it's possible.

    Your thoughts?

    wanna sell some vita's sony? this game... i want it portable.

    it is probaly a green screen

    Lol I remember using that remote play on my pc I used it to play runescape on my vita this is obviously skyrim in pc cmon people don't get foolish lol

    Why don't they just make this an official game for vita? The could do it with vita, but they aren't!

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