If You Blew $50 On Duke Nukem Forever, Would You Blow $300 On This?

If You Blew $50 On Duke Nukem Forever, Would You Blow $300 On This?

It’s been over a year since Duke Nukem Forever was released, and to commemorate (commiserate?) the whole experience, Sideshow is next year bringing out this 16-inch statue of the Duke.

Selling for $US300, he’s certainly not cheap, and given the reception to the last game in the franchise, may seem entirely unwarranted. But then there’s the beauty in leaving the character himself largely unchanged between games. Fans of Duke 3D or even the originals can get this and, if they ignore the contemporary enemy corpse embedded in the base, pretend this is 1996’s most advanced and expensive adult collectible based on a video game.

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  • While Duke Nukem Forever wasn’t the best game and wasn’t the game we were all expecting, I still enjoyed it.

    There are games I’ve spent a lot more on and had more disappointment.

    I felt the Collector’s Edition was worth the money – the art book was done well.

    It’s a awesome statue, the only thing I don’t like about it is how cheap the glasses look.

        • Indeed we do exist. DNF may not have been the jaw-dropping experience we’d all hoped it to be, but it does not deserve the level of hate it gets. It simply gets it because it’s cool to hate on it.

        • It’s not about “hating” Duke Nukem, it’s about… Um… uh, how can I express this? Oh! It’s about the Punch-Line!

      • I loved it. You could hardly say it was great quality but it was great fun, and thats what games should be.

    • I thought it was cool too. Picked it up in the 2K complete pack on Steam and enjoyed it. Not a great game, but was still fun enough to play through, esp if you pick it up on the cheap. A few laughs in it 🙂

  • I’m actually kind of tempted. I didn’t like DNF at all, it was just too clunky to play, but I’m still a Duke Nukem fan.

  • Having bought from Sideshow before (Got the limited edition Avengers Iron Man from them, which is bloody awesome) this doesn’t look like their best model. As mentioned the glasses seem a bit crappy and the hair and face aren’t up to their usual standard. Still a sweet statue but yeah, I’ll pass.

  • I would buy this, then i realized that there’s a chance that my money will go the fat hands of george broussLard. and thats just creeps me out.

    • You can rest easy because the money would go to Gearbox Software and not 3D Realms, 3DR sold the IP to Gearbox so they would get the royalties and not George Broussard.

  • enjoyed dnf too except for the ending….. in all seriousness it was pretty much a 1998 game that had been slapped together in 2010 using 2005 technology.

    Summed it up. Look forward to seeing more duke and IGNORING halo play.

    Only 2 weapons and finding master chiefs armour? go to hell.

  • Something that bothered me about DNF (and there’s a lot to choose from) is that they seemed to forget what age Duke is. I mean, I don’t even know. 35 or something? Early 40s?

    But his model/texture in DNF looked a lot younger than most of the Duke pictures from the DN3D era.

  • I also enjoyed Duke Nukem Forever, although the load times made replaying it pretty unbearable… If I had a spare $300 to blow on statues, I’d consider this. My collectors ed bust will do for now.

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