If You Die In This Anime MMORPG, You're Dead

Sword Art Online originally debuted as a light novel series, but earlier this month, an anime version kicked off.

Sword Art Online is set in 2022 when a new virtual reality MMORPG called Sword Art Online is released.

Players can control their characters with their minds, and all seems to be going well until the game's creator locks the game, preventing players from logging out.

A challenge is issued: If you want to leave SAO, you must reach the 100th floor of an in-game tower and defeat the last boss. But if you die in SAO, you die in real life...

So, yeah, bring on the .hack comparisons!

Website Random Curiosity has been chronicling the anime in detail, offering insights and opinion (why this isn't just a .hack rehash) as well as screen caps. Have a look at the first episodes below.

Sword Art Online [Random Curiosity]


    I really enjoyed almost all of the .Hack series - so maybe I should check it out - even if it isn't like .Hack at all.

    I think I'll add this to the "must have a look when I get a chance" list.

    I watched ep 1-2 the other day, it's not that bad... shows promise.
    so many shows start off well and end crap tho. :(

      also really liking the first two episodes, the art is really well done and the story is shaping up to look pretty good.

      Hope it can keep this up

        As long as they don't stray from the light novels, I can guarantee a fantastic story to go along with the awesome art.

    Clearly stealing everything it can from .//hack. There was absolutely no original idea or concepts in the first episode.

      Sword Art Online was written in parallel at the same time, before .hack was released. Just so you know...

    Sounds really similar to Gamer, worst movie ever but still sounds similar, I like the concept. I'll have to check it out

    I've watched all of .hack// and besides the "protagonist cannot log out" idea I thought it was pretty well done and contained a lot of different plot points and lessons that .hack// did not. If you are an MMO player, you'll get a lot out of this series.

    Really enjoying this show. Beautifully vibrant art! Apparently the light novels are more comprehensive works, so I'd like to check them out. This show makes me want Guild Wars 2...

      Oh, and I liked the jab at Accel World's incessant vocalisations when Klein tried to log out, haha.

    So basically an algamarion of .hack and Duraga with the aesthetics of a shitty high school comedy romance anime.

    My jimmies have been rustled.

    ive watched the hack series and watched the first 2 eps of SOA and read some of the novel. i found the difference between hack and SOA was that in hack pretty much after the first ep the story turns into a typical fantasy/fiction story whereas SOA your constantly reminded that it is a game with the gaming language and user interfaces.

    Looks pretty good, Hope it doesn't start really good then end very bad like Jyu Oh Sei.

    also, while your patrolling the internets for the correct torrent for this. (hint, look for nyaa) look up dennou coil, similar concept (look for bakaBT here)

    Except for the whole "Set in a game" thing, Sword Art Online is nothing like .hack. The story is fantastic, and very, very different. Having read the light novels for SAO and watched .hack, I must say I far prefer Sword Art Online's story, and the world in general. Hopefully the anime will shape up as awesomely as the light novels did.

    sao like hack? hack is a boring piece of crap. I watched about 8-10 ep of hack and nothing happened. no story developement, no character developement, no nothing. i watched it to see if they are similar. they are not. sao has character development, has A STORY, things that hack lacks. Also all chars in sao are real.hack is like seinfield. you have to watch at least two thirds of the series to get it and at the end you wonder why you lost time on it.

    I loved the first season it was brilliant, well paced interesting believable character development good ending.
    but the second season is so freaking creepy. The force feed you a whiny uninteresting predictable storyline and new character. Its pathetic and unoriginal. Another cheap way to appeal to pent-up virgin teens. Some scenes are totally out of character, with no development no twists and again completely predictable it could have been written by a hentai obsessed fan-fiction writer. Its so damn disappointing to see the strongest female character stripped to nothing but fetish scenes.

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