I'm In Love With The Sexiest Woman At San Diego Comic-Con

So Sideshow Collectibles' half-scale Catwoman statue isn't technically alive. I've dated worse.

She's not available for preorder. She'll likely cost you or me an arm and a leg once she is up for sale, but when you're dealing with Batman's finicky female counterpart, a certain amount of financial loss is to be expected. You pay to play with the pretty kitty; that's the law of Gotham's concrete jungle.

I would protest, of course. I would stomp my feet and raise my voice. I would demand recompense. And then she'd fix me with that smile.

That damn smile. She knows she's already won. It's her confidence that gets me. Her face isn't otherworldly beautiful — she's just a normal, attractive woman.

Her body isn't some unattainable ideal. She's just a woman that knows how to make a catsuit work. She's sure of herself, and it shows.

She may be only half a human high, but she's a full serving of wonderful.


    This is creepy shit

    No one wants to hear you talk about how you have a raging erection for a statue

    She's too damn pale, her nose is off, she's too ged (lined), and her boobs are humubgous pillows that dwarf her. Looks ok, but certainly doesn't have the normal detail I would want from a high class figure.

    Mike, I have the perfect Rom-Com for you and your "date".

    Stars Sex In The City's slutty one and Weekend At Bernie's party virgin...
    (Give up guessing? Fine. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0093493/ )

    I'm reasonably sure there's a law against dating dead people...

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Her breasts are wider then her hips which sit below an abdomen that looks incapable of housing a digestive system.

    Yup, sooooo attainable.

    must.......not....fap...(7 seconds later) fap-fap-fap-fap-fap-fap-fap-fap-fap-fap

    To comments 1 & 6:

    You mean her proportions are extreme and un-realistic? Wow. It's almost like it's a statue based on a character of fiction and not a real person! Goodness!

    PS: The majority of statues will be based on unrealistic proportions or un-obtainable physiques, as nobody wants a statue of some average pudge-ball. Even the statue of David is unrealistically proportioned...

      I think Shadow Artiste was referring to the line in the article stating: "Her body isn’t some unattainable ideal. She’s just a woman that knows how to make a catsuit work." rather than implying that all statues based on fictional characters should be realistically proportioned (or as you so eloquently put it, "some average pudge-ball")
      And that's why you should always read the article you're commenting on.

        A daft statement on the original author's side then, she's built like a swimmer with no hips, maybe a swimmer that never used their legs. My bad for not reading the article :P that's what I get for commenting after midnight...

        The pudge-ball comment is in regards to the endless stream of people talking about "average" people in vidya games and the like recently, I thought this was more of that. However you win this round Agitator.

        I now need to go find some balm to put on this burn...

          Well, for what it's worth, your graciousness in defeat has made me feel like quite a tool for being so aggressive in the first place. Thanks for being a good internet stranger and sorry for being a bad one.


            Nah you were perfectly polite and pointed out the gaping holes in my above rant, good internet-stranger behaviour for sure.

    Yeah, the more I look at the full shot of the statue the more it looks freakish and horrible.

    Is that an adams apple underneath the collar?

    I love that people took his article seriously, like he was actually smitten by a statue.

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