Apple Sued Over Snow Leopard Name In China

Just as Apple forked over $US60 million to use the iPad moniker in China, a household chemical company called Jiangsu Xuebao filed a lawsuit over the use of "Snow Leopard". Or rather, the use of "xuebao" (雪豹), which is Chinese of "snow leopard".

Back in 2000, Jiangsu Xuebao filed a trademark for the use of "xuebao", or "snow leopard", in electrical equipment. The company is contesting that Mac OS X Snow Leopard infringes on the use of "xuebao".

According to a Chinese legal expert, Jiangsu Xuebao is unlikely to win the case, because Apple does not use the Chinese "xuebao" in marketing Snow Leopard. However, Jiangsu Xuebao stated that Apple tried to register "xuebao" back in 2008, but couldn't because of the pre-existing trademark.

A Shanghai court is slated to hear Jiangsu Xuebao's suit later this month. The company is seeking around $US80,000 in damages and an apology from Apple. The irony? Check out Jiangsu Xuebao's products. Many look familiar.

苹果咬了雪豹一口? [DSQQ via MIC]


    Karma is fun.

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