In This DSiWare Game, The Buttons Unlock Helpful Cheats

Devil Band: Rock the Underworld is a newly released DSiWare game from the folks behind Guilty Gear and BlazBlue. It has one of the DS's most interesting button setups. Ever.

In Devil Band, you use the Nintendo DS's touch screen and the keypad. That's it. Or is it?

What happens if you, say, press the A Button during combat? Or the B Button? It's apparently not in the game's instructions, but if you, say, press the A Button, you can clear the stage. If you press the B Button, then you end the game.

Moreover, if you press the L Button, you can add Experience Points. If you press the R Button, you can add Gold. These buttons can apparently only be used this way during combat. Buttons? Sorry, I meant cheats!

These tricks are similar to some of the old debug tricks from days of yore (press Start!), so if you think of them that way, these Easter Eggs are kind of neat.

DSiウェアに前代未聞のウラワザを搭載したゲーム登場!Aボタンを押す→クリア [絶対SIMPLE主義]


    Sounds like they accidently released a dev build lol.

      +1 - I bet someone is being handed their marching orders right now.

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