Indie Game Exhibition Lunarcade Coming To Sydney This August

Between August 3-6, Chippendale will be host to Lunarcade 2012. On show will be Dear Esther, Lifeless Planet and Zobeide, among other indie titles, along with daily J.S. Joust events. If you're looking for something to do on these dates, you should definitely find the time to check Lunarcade out.

The address you'll need is 33 Wellington Street, Chippendale, though the opening / closing times are a bit different depending on which day you go. On August 3, the doors will open at 6pm and close at 9pm, while hours on the 4th and 5th are 12pm to 6pm. Finally, if you find yourself in the area on August 6-9, you'll have an extra two hours, with a 12pm start and 8pm finish.

The press release states Joust events will start 7pm "daily", however, it's not clear if this is only on the days when the exhibition is open that late, or all days.

Here's a full list of titles on show:

Bientôt l’été — Tale of Tales Dear Esther — Dan Pinchbeck J.S. Joust — Die Gute Fabrik Lifeless Planet — Stage 2 Studios Memory of a Broken Dimension — XRA Thirty Flights of Loving — Brendan Chung TRIP — Axel Shokk Zobeide — Robert Yang

You'll note a few of these haven't been released yet; Lifeless Planet has had me intrigued ever since it was announced earlier this year. Sadly, I'm in Melbourne, so getting to Chippendale presents a bit of a logistical problem, otherwise I'd be there in an instant.

Lunarcade: Spatial narrative independent & experimental games circus [Serial Space, thanks Tracey!]


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