It Took Japan To Add Style To Alien Vs Predator

It's been over 20 years since some bright sparks decided it'd be cool to see Aliens fight Predators. Since then we've had good comics, good video games, bad video games and terrible movies based on the idea.

When people talk about the games, though, they almost exclusively remember the three first-person shooter titles. While the first two were awesome, the softest spot in my heart is reserved for Capcom's 1994 brawler Alien vs. Predator, which gave the dark, sci-fi universe a terrific Japanese animated touch, and let players control either Predators or humans in a sprite-filled battle to save the galaxy.

So stylish. So fun.


    YES! I wish they would release this on XBLA or something,

    So many coins jammed into the slot of this as a kid. <3

    I remember that Alien v Predator game for snes that was set on a frontier mining planet - man that brings back some memories!

    With so many licenses and intellectual properties required. I don't think this will see a re-release.
    Which is a pity. If I could get my Vita to run MAME, I'd be so playing this every day.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    the only game in Timezome worth playing bar Gauntlet Legends....

    This game freaking ruled! I used to play this all the time with mates and they could never figure out why I chose Lynn Kurosawa over the Predators or Dutch Schaefer.

    Why? Because you could link her attacks and cancel them out.
    e.g. attack combo cancelled into the tiger kick (down, up, attack)
    Or combo her dash attack into a slide and cancel into the fireball move (hold down attack for 2 seconds then release)

    Add her air throw, her crowd control move with the widest attack arc, longest duration, and invincibility on startup and cooldown not to mention arguably the most usable special weapon of the playable characters in the game. And my mates would wonder how the hell I'd beat the game on one credit.

    BTW, Lynn Kurosawa deserves to be in a Capcom VS fighting game.

    Two great games from Capcom, this and D&D: Shadow over Mystara

    I do love the Capcom AvP and D&D Scrolling Beat em ups. I was saying to a friend the other night how much I miss this game. Cadilacs and Dinosaurs wasn't bad either.

    Infact I love scrolling beat em ups, an almost dead genre now days.

    Overheat! Overheat! Overheat!
    Funny how you always had to cue up for Final Fight and Street Fighter2 at our local arcade,
    but no one was ever behind the AvP machine? O well, more brawling for me :)))

    Love this, play it on my phone all the time.

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