It's A Pirate's Life For Me (And You, And That Other Guy)

Snowbird, the developer behind Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword, has unveiled a new project that's hopefully just as ambitious (and hopefully nowhere near as janky).

It's called Carribbean, and it's a pirate-themed RPG that looks to copy the core concepts of Mount & Blade (manage a crew then join them in large-scale battles), only to then put them in the more confined aspects of a ship/fleet.

You'll be not only directing a naval battle, but then jumping into the trousers of one of the combatants involved. Snowbird are also boasting of a "True ‘Carribean' atmosphere", which given the perdio I'll take to mean the game is full of sugar, disease, whores and muskets.

Which sounds just lovely.

New naval action-RPG game ‘Caribbean!' unveiled [Snowbird]


    Sounds good but I would like a new M&B with sexy gfx.

    Mount and Blade was oddly addictive, if they can get a ship battle with the same charm, holy shit

    ohh i hope the get it right, Ive wanted an awesome pirate game for years and most of them have let me down.

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