It's Awesome When Real People Go Into The Woods And Pretend To Be Wizards

LARPing, or Live-Action Role-Playing, is when people take what normally goes down on a tabletop or video game and start doing it in the real world. It's been around forever, lightning bolts and all.

But ever since the brilliant documentary Darkon was released a few years back, outsider's interest in the pursuit has changed a little. What was once an almost universally comedic hobby to them is now...interesting. Mostly because it's fun to hear people's reasons on why they play, and see the contrast between their daily lives and those of their characters.

Enter The Nerdist Channel's new series, Realm of LARP, an "unscripted reality series". In other words, it's continuing Darkon's good work, albeit with a slightly lighter tone. I like these characters and I like these people, so this should be good watching!


    lightning bolt! lightning bolt! lightning bolt!

      LMAO... you say larp, I hear lightning bolt.

    These people should try video games

      Isn't that the same as people scoffing at gamers and saying "Maybe they should go outside".

      To each their own.

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