It's Not Really Cosplay If You're Naked

Yesterday at an anime festival in Shenzhen, China, a cosplayer showed up dressed as a female spirit. Dressed? Did I say dressed? Silly me.

The cosplayer showed up as the Chinese apparition Nu Gui, but the crowd that gathered was very real. Dressed only in a flesh coloured skivvies and wearing nipple covers, the cosplayer draped herself in long-flowing hair.

Nu Gui (女鬼) is a vengeful ghost with long locks, who usually is seen in a white dress and often seduces lecherous men to kill them. Here, she's unclothed and posing for pics.

While not technically nude, police apparently took the woman away for indecency.

深圳动漫展裸女"求包养" 引观众围观 [Yahoo! China via Heaven]


    Typical Ashcraft crap.

    Get rid of him.

      still better than plunkett

        Still better than all the whiners, who still haven't realised their voices are worthless here. . .

          still better than Batman.


            what about NIGHTWING?

          this. seriously, if you don't like the author, why do you continue clicking on his articles?

            He saw the word 'naked' then realised he couldnt see any bewbies.

          I don't think most Kotaku readers realize how worthless their comments are in general. The only people that care are the shut ins thats frequent this site.

          Not even trolling.

          Can you give me a pass to the "cool" club you seem to think you're a part of?

            You seem to misunderstand the concept of cool club.

    I don't mind cosplay posts as a concept, but when you run with stuff like this one day, then the next there's an article about inherent sexism and misogyny in gaming/gaming culture and presumably an upcoming article declaring Simon Pegg misogyny incarnate...


    Not being part of the "solution" that's being written about. It's being part of the problem.

      You know. It's sexist in implying this is sexist. Woman are free to display as much as they want while not breaking any laws. I personally think it takes someone with a lot of guts to pull something like this which is great. Much better than galleries devoted to boobs or skin tight costumes.

        Except she did break laws. The police took her away for indecency.

      But it actually happened. So are you suggesting that the media doesn't report on anything that's sexist?

      That's censorship and a pretty dangerous road.

      Lady rocked up to event. Was naked. Photos were taken. That's not sexist, it's just what happened!

      My 2c? I think this girl has some emotional issues and might need some help. That's a pretty weird thing to do.

    I want to see glowing red eyes on this apparition or at least something that makes her more ethereal or scary. Otherwise it's just a publicity stunt - which obviously worked.

    I can't appreciate this kind of 'cosplay'. There's an element of attention-seeking in cosplay, but I think there's a big difference for attention-seeking for a really cool costume or a popular character and attention-seeking by showing up naked in front of a crowd of photographers.

    Agreed with Rowans up above. This girl probably needs some help.

    Perhaps she is a paid model????

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