Japan Perfects The Art Of Anime Cakes

The triumphant return of Caketaku! As sister site Kotaku Japan pointed out, there is a pastry shop in Gunma Prefecture called Torte that excels in creating anime, manga and video game cakes.

And it's not only your favourite character or superhero that Torte can draw on your cake, but your own face too! That's right, Torte does anime-style portraits too. Make that, anime-style cake portraits.

Strawberry cream cakes with custom character drawings start at ¥3800 ($48) and max out at ¥5800 ($73) for 21-inch cakes. Vanilla and chocolate chiffon custom cakes cost between ¥4000 ($51) and ¥4700 ($60).

But who could eat such artistry? Who?

勿体無くて食えねぇって! 群馬県にあるケーキ屋さんのキャラケーキがスッゲェ...。 [Kotaku Japan]


    Damn, the One Piece ones were awesome. I'd love to get those fo' special occasions. Liked the Okita one, too.

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