Japan Pokes Fun At Anonymous

Last month, internet collective Anonymous (or a group claiming the Anonymous moniker) launched Operation Japan, which was designed to protest the country's strict copyright law. In the wake of the operation, several Japanese governmental sites were hit. However, there appears to have been a snafu — a blunder, if you will.

According to reports, Anonymous allegedly bungled one attack: one web attack supposedly confused the Kasumigaura River Office in Ibaraki with Kasumigaseki, Japan's central government offices in Tokyo.

The kanji for Kasumigaura is 霞ヶ浦, while the kanji for Kasumigaseki is 霞ヶ関.

Online in Japan, netizens dubbed the Japanese blunder as "cute". Other created art that pokes fun (albeit, genially) at Anonymous. The illustrations don't really quite come across as mean spirited — but rather, good-natured internet ribbing.

アノニマスたんはドジッこ? ハッカーしゅーだんアノニマスたんイラストまとめ [Togetter via Rocket News]

Above, the character says, "I blew it... Japanese is hard."

There are question marks around the kanji character 関 (seki) in "Kasumigaseki" and the character 浦 (ura) "Kasumigaura" — the two kanji characters that were apparently mixed up.

The character is apologising with a "LOL" in parenthesis.

Meet "Anonymous-tan", a personification of Anonymous.

This is "Blunder Girl Anonymous-chan", who is churning over the difference between "Kasumigaura" and "Kasumigaseki".


    Haha, I got a laugh out of this.

    We could learn a thing or 2 from the Japanese reaction to this. clever and artistic and damn damn funny

    Good old 2chan

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