Japan Uses Spears And Swords To Eat Evangelion Cake

Japan Uses Spears And Swords To Eat Evangelion Cake

Looking forward for the upcoming film, Evangelion 3.0? Show your fan spirit by eating this Evangelion cake while waiting.

This ¥4000 cake (&50) is the third in the Evangelion cake series (third!), with each cake containing a figure of its themed character (Kaworu, in this case). The cake is covered in white chocolate with mango mousse inside, and whipped cream to shape craters to further make it look like the moon.

Just as the previous cakes (Rei Ayanami’s NERV base-shaped chocolate cake and Asuka’s angel roll cake), each figure is bundled with a miniature Evangelion weapon that can be used as eating utensils. The spear of Mark 6 that comes along the Moon cake can also be used as a skewer. The chocolate cake came with the Spear of Longinus fork, and the roll cake came with the Evangelion unit’s progressive knife as a… well, knife.

Unfortunately, the cake won’t be delivered outside of Japan. But for those of you who are still interested, the official link is below for you to eat up.

EVANGELION Cake [Official Site]


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