Just How Different Are 3DS And PS Vita Graphics? Time Travel And Find Out

Just How Different Are 3DS And PS Vita Graphics? Time Travel And Find Out

Forget the Final Fantasy-esque logo, upcoming adventure game Time Travelers is a rare beast. The game is coming to the Nintendo 3DS, the PlayStation Vita and the PSP. That’s a bunch of handheld platforms!

Recently, a pair of screens for the PS Vita and 3DS versions of Time Travelers popped up online. Unfortunately, a screen for the PSP version did not rear its head, but the PS Vita and 3DS snaps do allow us to compare Sony’s and Nintendo’s current gen handhelds.

Yes, the PS Vita version looks better. That’s not interesting. What is interesting is the comparison itself: these are screen snapshots. They’re not as pretty as you’d get from direct screenshots, but perhaps they provide a valid comparison of actual play conditions. The 3DS version has a more jaggies, sure, but the gap isn’t nearly as big as it was during the last handheld generation between the PSP and the DS.

Check out the screens for yourself.

PSVITA/PSP/3DS『タイムトラベラーズ』、3DS版とVITA版の画面比較。大した違いはない? [カオス]


  • The thing I find is that screenshots of the 3ds just dont do it justice, when playing with 3D on, the jaggies just melt into the void between the plains

    • …and then after a while my eyes start bleeding. . .

      I barely if ever have the 3D effect on anymore due to it’s effects on my eyes, plus games like Super Mario 3D Land look just as smooth in 2D as it does in 3D. However I will admit for the comparrison the Vita does look better, but the graphics still do not do justice for what the Vita can really do.

    • This x1000. Anything 2d looks archaic after using the 3ds for any period of time, regardless of picture quality.

  • Pretty big difference, and given that the game’s made for 3DS and PSP as well, chances are that the assets etc are not as high quality as the Vita would allow for.

    • Check out the writing for the station name, the tie, the hair, the suit colour, the people in the background….etc etc.

      • So basically check out the fact that the Vita runs at a higher resolution?

        That’s not what I’m looking for when I’m comparing how the two look. Yeah, higher resolution looks better than lower. Obviously. But beyond that, there’s hardly any difference between the two.

        • True, aside from less jaggies, better colours, sharper images, higher details, etc, there’s not much difference between how the two look.

          • well sure if you repeat “higher resolution” using six different terms it sounds like it’s lots more differences but everything you said is just the same thing.

    • You got tom remember, what is the power of the graphic engine. They couldnt have made the Vita version look any better cause the graphics engine hasnt the power.

      You compare the PS Vita versions of Uncharted, god of war and Assassins Creed 3 Liberation look pretty darn similar to the PS3 graphics. Cant say the 3ds can get even close to the Vitas power.

      The 3DS might be selling more but atleast your getting 10 times more for your money, especialy with sime of these high budget games coming to vita

  • Yeah, keep in mind that just like multiplatform console games, they probably had to make the game’s visuals for the lowest common denominator, which would be the 3DS (maybe the PSP if it’s a direct port). That means the Vita could probably do better than it is there.

  • the lighting is no better, and assets no different on either. in fact the renderer doesnt seem to be doing anything different on the Vita, with exception of the higher render resolution, It doesnt even seem to be using any form of AA or FXAA. to those seeing a big difference its merely the render resolution and the vita having far better screen contrast also.

    as others said, this argument is kind of invalid as its obvious that graphically this game is not at all pushing the vita to its limits

  • How about take actual screen shots?

    PS vita shot is an actual screen cap, whilst the 3ds pic is just a photo of a 3ds screen.

    What a load of retarded bias.

    • Actually thats not a PSP shot…

      The top is a photo of the screen from 3DS, 2nd is the Vita photo and the 3rd is the Vita’s own in game screenshot.

      Basically the bottom looks the best because the in game screenshot would just render it as smoother image. The first two pics are how it would look like when your looking at the actual screen.

  • As for the people who have quickly pointed out that there’s a visible gap in quality.. I think you’ve missed Bash’s actual point (which to be fair he mentions as one small throw away line at the end)

    Yes there is a visible gap but the visble gap isn’t such a wide a chasm as when you compared the shots of games from LAST GENERATION’s handhelds ie. PSP vs a DS =P

  • Brian…. put the pipe down, that is an effing huge gap. You could mistake the PSV version as a PS3 game, an early one sure, but still. That 3DS would be lucky to Make PS2! Fail of an article, big time.

  • The 3DS uses a parallax barrier. That allows it to use 3D. When you take a picture of a parallax barrier, the colors are distorted. Plus, the 3DS has the smallest screen so when it’s blown up like this it doesn’t look as good. The difference is less noticeable in person.

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