Just Look At How Nintendo Is Embracing Digital Releases In Japan

Nintendo is selling 3DS games, like New Super Mario Bros 2 and Demon Training, as digital downloads. Those who don't like purchasing items online can swing buy their local retailer in Japan and be greeted with aisles of download cards. Aisles of this. 3DSのDL版(店頭販売)が高すぎwwwwwwwww [2ch]


    But isn't the main advantage of downloading it so you don't have to go to the shops? I couldn't imagine going to a retailer specifically and then choosing a download card over a physical copy when it means having the extra step of going home and downloading it anyway.

      Yea to me this thing smells like a fail move on Nintendo...

        This is any different to MS points or sony Point cards?

        You realize there is 3 options to buy a 3DS game now - Retail (Game), Retail Download (Game Card) and eShop Digitally via Credit Card?

        Digital is still convenient, but not everyone has a credit card or
        wants to link it to their console (especially young people).

      Buying online means you may have to buy it with a credit card (or what ever the 3DS uses), so allowing you to buy downloadable games in stores allows those who don't have a credit card the ability to buy it.

      Seems like a very Japanese way of doing things, doesn't seem like they 'get' the idea of digital distribution.

      Yeah I think they kind of missed the point of digital downloads lol

    The good thing about this is that it's free for the store to get in. Which means that because they won't pay for stock until the customer buys it they'll have thousands of cards making it essentially impossible to sell out.

    Other advantages for the retailer include no thefts and fewer returns.

    Is that Gabe Newell on the sign at the top?

      It's the brain training guy, Dr Whateverhisnameis. And he looks
      like a devil for some reason.

    I believe this is an attemp to keep retail happy in the digital distribution future.
    Personally i think it has many advantages and will allow retail to discount against each other with digital items as they do now for physical.
    I am hoping that this is how it will work across the world for all DD games , it should lead to cheaper prices for us all.
    Right now ozgameshop has Dd codes for xbox games for $10 a pop including halo reach no physical copy can match that price and its a lot cheaper than direct from games on demand.

    I love this idea, for someone like myself who doesn't have an easy means of paying for things online like games but likes digital distribution, it's a great idea. Now if only EB Games would hurry up and let us have the Steam gift cards already!

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