Just This Once, Let's Revive The Greatest Console War: Genesis Or Super Nintendo?

It was a good war. A just war. It was, maybe, the last great war. I'm not talking about World War II. I'm talking about the great console war of the 1990s.

I had a great time goading Lisa Foiles into reviving the 90's console wars with me a few weeks back — despite the best efforts of the SNES faithful, the Genesis version of Aladdin pulled out a decisive victory.

But hey, that's small-fry. That's one game. Let's do this thing for the whole enchilada — let's do this console war good and proper. Which console was better? The Sega Genesis or the Super Nintendo?

Bloody Mortal Kombat, or Super Mario Land? Sonic, or Mario?

I had neither of these consoles growing up, and played both equally. I honestly can't say which one I'll vote for — I'll just let my instincts guide me. I can't wait to see how this turns out.


    the megadrive for me all the way
    my uncle actually won the console for me at a sydney kings basketball game
    one of those penalty shoot out things
    great memory for me and he's earned a place in my will

    countless hours poured into Super Starwars

    It's gotta be SNES - no question. My mate had a Megadrive, and aside from playing MK3 I never really got into the games.

    The Megadrive graphics looked a little washed out compared to SNES, which were vibrant. SNES had sampled sound where Megadrive had an FM chip - common in arcade machines at the time but sounded tinny by comparison.

    SNES has alll the best games I remember from childhood - Super Metroid, DK Country, Super Castlevania IV, Secret of Mana, Equinox, LoZ Link to the Past, Starfox, Super Mario All Stars.. The list goes on and on! These games are still playable today too!

    Soft Punch, Medium Punch, Hard Punch
    Soft Kick, Medium Kick, Hard Kick.

    X, Y, Z
    A, B, C

    And that, kids, is why the Megadrive controller is better than the SNES.

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