Kickstart Your Week With Some Terrific Cosplay

Yup. That's a dog up there. The return of an old friend, this time from a proper photoshoot that truly captures the essence of somebody's pet dressed up as a famous dog from an awesome video game.

On the human side of things, there's some Korra, a great Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite and, in a triumph for the guys, the amazing Metal Gear Solid 4 outfit you can see above.

To see the larger pics in all their glory (or so you can save them as wallpaper), right-click on the "expand" icon on the main image above and select "open in new tab".

Fancy Pants is a look at the world of cosplay (costume play), where people dress up as their favourite video game characters. Sometimes it works! Sometimes it...yeah.

As seen on Rei-Suzuki.

As seen on TheLostAria.

As seen on WindoftheStars.

As seen on EnchantedCupcake.

As seen on Katy-Angel.

As seen on BunnyAyumi.

As seen on Aicosu.

As seen on MoonFoxUltima.

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As seen on ShinraiFaith.


    I'm starting to see a trend of the same cosplays. Kind of boring if everyone is doing the same costumes/characters

      I couldn't agree more

      Agreed. I love seeing the flocks at Supanova. One year, there was an awesome Poison Ivy. The next year, I counted no less than 17 of them. Then this year, there were about a million people in Pikachu jumpsuits, along with several dozen Doctors. There was also a third really popular one, but it's completely slipped my mind.

      I prefer to go with the more obscure ones myself. Both for the fact that there's less likely to be someone else dressed the same, but also the few that do recognise it get that much more enjoyment out of it.

        Hells yeah! I saw a Max Payne at the Sydney Supanova, complete with bald head, grizzly beard, and Hawaiian shirt.

    That Korra is perfect. Hey Asami did you know...

    hmm ok......waiting for the "terrific" cosplay......kinda looks all "samey." Maybe im just spoiled from seeing terrific cosplay on the weekend at Queue-Con

    I get so excited when I see new cosplay at Supanova, so sick of the same friend went to GC Supanova as Sailor Venus, pretty sure she was the only one on the day, althoughI saw another in a video maybe from the Sunday.........dozens of Sailor Moons though, and not all girls

    You have no idea how much that dog makes me smile.

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