Kinect + Dubstep = A Cool New Musical Instrument?

Kinect + Dubstep = A Cool New Musical Instrument?

Yes, Kinect is played out. Yes, Dubstep is is the cliched soundtrack for everything we’re supposed to think is cool. But when you combine the two, you get something like this, a Kinect-powered full-body instrument called the V Motion Project. It may remind PlayStation 3 gamers of the Move-powered Pixeljunk 4AM. Why not? Body controlled instruments can make interesting music and, more importantly, look damn cool.

For a lot of back-story and programming insight about how the V Motion Project was made, check out co-creator Jeff Nusz’s in-depth making-of article at Custom Logic.

The V Motion Project [Vimeo]


  • This gives you the ability to call yourself a musician and gives you the same amount of musical talent as a dub step artist which is basically no talent at all…

    • You sir, are a fool. Any music requires talent. If you don’t like the music at least appreciate the way the music is being performed, enabling him to perform his craft in a live setting.

      • Appreciating some who uses an Apple computer to make music or Dub step is like appreciating some one who plays guitar hero…. No ability to read or write music…therefore no musical talent at all.

        • None of the Beatles could read or right music, so using your logic they have no musical talent? Fool.

          • Very true…..Actually, John learned music theory from his mother, who played piano and banjo, and Paul’s father was a professional musician. They most certainly understood theory, as evidenced by their songwriting and vocal arranging.
            Play blues in E, the beatles understood what that meant, and understood the chord progressions used to make rock and roll, therefore they had an understanding of music theory without being able to actually write it down on paper.
            They created riffs, harmonies, lyrics and played instruments to create their music that is still talked about today. They could sing, play live and have the ability to play as one, all this is due to their amazing talents.
            As for sitting behind an Apple computer pushing buttons to get pre-recorded repeatative beats and random noises that someone else created takes very little talent and to Appreciate what they do is like appreciating someone who plays guitar hero

          • We shouldn’t expect everyone to appreciate art when they see or hear it. This was a creative project regardless of your stance on Kinect, Dubstep or what classifies as “talent”. I’m awful at Guitar Hero, I think someone who can play it well is talented, perhaps not musically talented, but talented nonetheless.

          • The Beatles are awesome, but you are still an idiot.
            According to your logic they would need to be an acapella barbershop quartet to qualify as musicians.
            Because their instruments are technology, oh what they don’t have a “press button write original music” key? News flash neither does any industry standard digital audio workstation. It takes years of skill, talent and artistry to produce a song or album, that’s exactly what the 5th Beatle Brian Epstein was all about.
            Don’t like it don’t listen to it, but for those of us that aren’t afraid of technology , like the ones reading a videogames site go preach your Luddite hipster nonsense on a street corner somewhere.

          • All good electronic music artists do the same thing. They create riffs and harmonies, manipulate samples with various effects combining them to create specific melodies, underpinning bass lines with complicated polyrhythms between the multiple synthesised instruments they use. All of the sounds you hear, the melody’s and rhythms are written, as any great rock riff or lyrics are, by the composer.

            Many songs today considered classic rock songs were put together in less than an hour. You know the song “Sweet Child of Mine”? That song was put together ridiculously quickly. The main melody, and the famous guitar riff that Slash plays? That was derived from Slash simply practising his arpeggios, and one of his band members saying “That sounds good, lets turn it into a song”. “Smells Like Teen Spirit”? That song was supposed to be a joke, Kurt Cobain himself said that he was making fun of all of these songs from the time with seemingly meaningful lyrics by chucking together lyrics that sounded profound and meaningful but in the end meant absolutely nothing.

            I play bass and guitar, and have done so since I was 10 years old. I am part of a rock band, and also a member of a jazz band. The time it takes us to put together a decent sounding rock song is around an hour and a half to two hours, and that includes coming up with lyrics, the main melodies, and the drum part. It may take more time to polish it, and work it to a point where we can actually play it without trouble live, but actually coming up with the song doesn’t take all that long.

            I also dabble in electronic music. I write all of my own loops, writing melodies and harmonies which fit together and create a good sound. I manipulate synthesized instruments with various effects, and let me tell you: It is one of the greatest challenges I have ever undertaken. I have managed to pump out about one full electronic song (progressive house), and I can honestly say that It doesn’t even compare to the kind of music that people like Basto, Avicii, Basshunter or Skrillex roll out. So before you go and insult these people, I’d advise you to go and try actually producing some electronic music, whether Dubstep, Trace, House, whatever you like, from scratch. Write your own loops, put together your own rhythms, and then come back here and tell me you don’t need musical talent – knowledge of chords, cadences, and general music theory – to make good electronic music.

          • “…sitting behind an Apple computer pushing buttons to get pre-recorded repeatative beats and random noises that someone else created …”

            if you follow the source links, you’ll learn they not only compose their own samples, loops etc but they also programmed their own software API’s for the music AND the visuals.

            yep, no talent required at all, “just pushing buttons”.

  • My 2 year old son plays the pots and pans with a wooden spoon like a champ. He already has more musical talent and rhythm than any dub step fool.

  • Very cleverly edited video. Let’s see it live. Lag central, prerecorded for the most part and many takes, I suspect.

  • I find it amazing that people have so much spare time to click into and read an article with dubstep in the title and then go on to leave comments hating on it… go mow your neighbours lawn.

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