Kris Kuksi's Beautiful Art Is Made From The Bones Of Dead Model Kits

Kris Kuksi is an American artist who is famous for his signature sculptures, which he modestly labels as being comprised of "mixed media assemblage".

What he actually means is "made out of the pieces of seemingly unrelated model kits". Go on, take a closer look. While from a distance the pieces appear to be a mish-mash of romantic and apocalyptic imagery, zoom in and you'll see the intricate detail is made up of things like pieces of old machinery, miniatures of Napoleonic soldiers and the pieces of World War Two battleships.

Kuksi's art is highly sought-after; some of the people who own a piece include the boss of Nike, Guillermo Del Toro and Robin Williams.

You can see more examples of Kuksi's work at his personal site.


    Wow. These are bloody amazing.

      holy crap amazing..... dudes got skills

    that tower on tracks would make an awesome command baneblade for

      Yeah, got a serious GW feel from this stuff. It's brilliant in that
      old school John Blanche art kind of way.

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