Krome Gets A New Website, Ty The Tasmanian Tiger iOS Game Incoming

We've known about the existence of a Ty the Tasmanian Tiger iOS game for a while, and we knew that a stripped back version of Krome was working on that game — but the team seemed a little publicity shy about making any massive announcements regarding what that game would be. But now Krome has unveiled a brand new website, so it looks like we'll finally get to see precisely what the brand new Ty the Tasmanian Tiger game will look like.

The team has been dropping hints via its Facebook page, and an actual Ty the Tasmanian Tiger twitter account, but that mostly looks like art (pretty cool art nonetheless).

The art has been signed 'Stam', which is most likely Steve Stamatiadis, a Krome Stalwart who is listed as the Creative Director of the upcoming iOS game.

It all looks very interesting — good to know that a Ty game is in the works, and that the original creators are very much involved in the production of that game.


    there are tigers in tasmania?

      Not anymore. (

        Tasmanian tigers, there thought to be extinct, but people who have been dropped into the forest down there and have hiked out claim they still exist, wonder if theres a android version coming

          Also if you read that wikipedia article it seems researchers have had some success in extracting useable DNA from preserved specimens. Who knows, we could see live Thylacines again within our lifetime.

      I wasn't aware that they were still able to trade under the "Krome" name.

        New financial year? Or split the company into pieces and put everything remotely valuable into a safe piece before scuppering the others?

    Once upon a time, yes. More feasible than blade kittens in space. It's a game. Go with it.

      Blade Kitten is of course the second character pictured here.

    Ty was my first game I got and it was part of my childhood. Getting a new game, no matter what kind, is amazing!

    Where's my redundancy again?

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