Lana Del Rey's 'Video Games' Finally Turns Up

It was only a matter of time, I guess, before Lana Del Rey's 2011 breakout hit "Video Games" wound up being used in a video game trailer. And so it has come to pass — this trailer for Hitman: Absolution turned up on Eurpoean airwaves last week, and it features Del Rey's song. Also, an out-of-focus naked woman in a shower. Since, you know. Hitman.

Stepping back from the hullabaloo that arose from the last Hitman trailer, this is for the most part good old-fashioned exploitation. Hot woman in shower, Agent 47 killing dudes… maybe he's gonna kill the hot woman in the shower? Or maybe there's something more to it? Oh, I don't know. I do think would be pretty great if they had featured this version, which is actually about video games.

I could be wrong on this, since I haven't seen every single game trailer from the last year, but I believe this is the first time Del Rey's song has actually been used to sell a video game. Good to see that the "downtempo pop song underscoring silent violence" thing hasn't gone completely by the wayside.


    She's a great artist (and quite hot!), but damn I cant stand this song!

      I just googled her. She looks like Hermione lol..

      She has big puffy lips and I really don't know why she's getting any exposure whatsoever.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Yo dawg!

    Wasn't this trailer the announcement/teaser/first trailer we saw quite a while ago? Seems all they did was cut a few parts out (like 47 sneaking into the building) and added this song on.

      Yeah, I know we've seen this shower thing before.

      Yup, this was the announcement trailer I'm fairly certain.

    Just been a whinging reptile enthusiest but. A rattle snake wrapped up in his guns.. Rattlesnakes arent stealthy! Thy rattle!!! Hahaha think about it. Nuns with face tatts and rattle snakes.. The
    marketing team should be fired :P

    I get the impression that Video Games is more of an anti-video game or at least, anti-video gamer, song. The guy she's singing about and who she is so devoted to is more interested in playing video games and having sex with her at his whim that being a good partner.

    Not that I'd be any different if I was with her...

    I've been trying to figure out why every piece of promotional material for a stealth assassination game contains female body after female body... and all I can figure is that they have so little faith in their own game that they can't think of any other way to interest people in it. It's a shame... the gameplay of Blood Money was so much fun, and Absolution looks like it's going to be even better. Why don't they turn off the HUD and render some gameplay footage, or show snippets from some cutscenes? I’d much rather see that than Diana’s ass. I like the part where he straightens his tie though.

      The expression is 'sex sells', and it doesn't mean they don't have faith in their product, it just means they want to maximise their sales/profits. If you're going to accuse the developers of selling out then you might as well accuse every developer of the same thing for lowering the standard of difficulty.


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