Leaked Medal Of Honor Warfighter Video Shows Helicopter Gameplay And New Weapons

Leaked Medal Of Honor Warfighter Video Shows Helicopter Gameplay And New Weapons

Key gameplay elements from EA’s next entry in the Medal Of Honor series will apparently let you fly a combat helicopter and see enemies throughout the environment, according to two YouTube videos that surfaced over the weekend.

The clips are apparently drawn from alpha builds of the first-person shooter. You can see the Spec Ops vision skill, which lets you track antagonists through the environment and a short segment of a player controlling a helicopter in the leaks. Since this is reportedly drawn from an alpha version, it’s possible there might be changes seen in the final game when Medal of honour Warfighter comes out in October.

GameRanx, via Polygon


  • Still looks a lot like Battlefield 3. This is early though so i hope they remove all the Battlefield stuff and make their own content.

  • Looks good. I wish these were cheaper though, or even free for the game itself (extra for the maps as usual). It’s very annoying trying to find a game that all of my mates own and that we all have matching DLC for. It’s actually a huge pain in the ass, it’s the reason why we all play TF2, because it’s free. CoD and BF should be free for the base game with map packs priced as they are now ($15 each and four map packs per game, with a $50 bundle of all of them). If these games were priced this way, I’d get the full DLC for all of them and play all of them, instead of just two I do now. Honestly, these games are all meant to be social, yet besides TF2 they ALL have a paywall to access the base game AND a paywall for the maps.

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