Left 4 Dead 2’s Long-Awaited ‘Cold Stream’ DLC Is Finally Playable Starting Today

The add-on campaign created by the loyal Left 4 Dead community was supposed to launch about a year ago. It's finally hitting Windows and Mac platforms today as a free update. The official site teases that the DLC will land on Xbox Live soon.

Cold Stream [Left 4 Dead 2 official site]


    played it yesterday, died right at the end near the helicopter! gaaaah!

    I don't understand... was playable at Christmas, they had achievements tied to it for their event.

      it was a beta version back then, hopefully they've fixed it up as it had pretty bad slowdown/framerate drop when you got to the area the heliopter is in.

    Also, PAYDAY: The Heist has a new map: Mercy Hospital. Yes, that Mercy Hospital.

      To me, this news is much more important :D

    Have been playing this for ages. Was good to see how the maps evolved as time went on. Especially the finale

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