Lego Lord Of The Rings Is The Cutest Lego Video Game Ever Made

Will Lego Lord of the Rings be any good? Who knows. Will it be adorable? Looks that way.


    id love to see golem in lego form!

      Correction, Gollum!

        He's clearly missing - I can imagine there will be a big reveal closer to release.

        All the noteable races, monsters are notable in their absense in these shots. Personally I can't wait to see the Nasghul.

          You can already buy a Lego Gollum, in the Shelob set.

    Seriouslt can't wait for this. Going to be so much fun and I'm going to love the charm that Lego always brings to their games

    This has the potential to be the best Lego video game ever. I'm also ready to buy the new Lord of the Rings Lego sets when they come out at the end of the year!

    I love the Lego games, just started on Lego Batman 2 on the weekend. Having a load of fun.

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