Let Christopher Walken Walk You Through Batman: Arkham City

Everyone has their own interpretation of games, but Christopher Walken's might be the funniest. Watch him play through Batman: Arkham City while he makes you think of things you didn't ever want to. Like what Two-Face's genitalia looks like.


    I thought this was going to be awesome, until I realised it was just someone doing a really bad Christopher Walken impersonation :(

    Content is okay. Made me smile a few times, but probably the worst Walken impersonation I've ever heard.

    Ok. Can we cut the crap batman sketches. Especially when the readers provide better ones than Tina. Go do some work Tina.

    10 seconds in. STOP. Close window. I want real CW!!! Grab yourself a free range chicken...

    See even the humour from the readers is better. My hat off to you dear reader!!! Awesome comment.

    Does Tina realise this isn't really Christopher Walken? :/

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